Patent Viewer

The world we live in is about to change radically. Augmented reality will play an important role in that change. Our future world is not reality yet, but nor is it fiction. It's already documented in detail in a huge number of patents. These patent documents can be read as a preview of what's to come. For many people, it's hard to imagine the actual meaning of patent texts and the corresponding black and white drawings. The Hololens "Patent Viewer" app uses augmented reality to display relevant patents in the space around the user, which is an optimal way to help people get an insight in the patents that are going to play a role in their future lives. With hands-on understanding of what's to come, people can have a better perspective on both the amazing opportunities as well as the aspects that need further discussion, instead of just focussing on one of those viewpoints.

Concept/development: Sander Veenhof
Hardware: Microsoft Hololens
Software: Unity app
Used components: Terminator HUD
Format: interactive experience
Duration: variable - approximately 10 minutes will be enough to encounter a number of different patents

Download: Hololens app package (zip-file)

Patent Alert - Hololens app


"Hello. I am your personal assistant. Congratulations! Good Choice! You are wearing a Microsoft Hololens. This device will assist you with tasks, guide you and make your life easier. There is a growing number of scripts to control your behaviour. Unfortunately, there's a growing number of patents on this kind of software scripts too. But don't worry, the Patent Alert function will warn you in time if an activity cannot be performed while wearing a Microsoft Hololens because of a registered patent by companies like Google, Apple or Facebook. Reveal the patents applicable to you and your environment, right right now, right here, by looking around. Uncover the world of the future, which is already documented, visualised and registered in patent drawings and narratives you will see and hear now. "