With the smartphones in our pockets people have turned into semi-digital beings. We have become entities in in a hybrid universe in which online, offline, virtual and physical realities are overlapping. But the influence of digital technology on our daily life will even increase radically once we start wearing AR devices.

This research project is not about discussing if that will happen, nor about whether to label ourselves as cyborgs or post-humans. The focus here is on the hands-on aspects of our future life. What will it be like to live your life as a robot, being guided around by your AR device? And if that's going to be the case, how to be your own robot?

These two questions are addressed with keynote presentations, several info-graphics and the various sub-projects presented on this website. Such as the Futurotheque with fictional apps that give a hands-on peek into the new opportunities in our AR future, as well as its' dilemma's. Finally, this project is not just about peeking into the future, studying it and getting a better understanding of what's awaiting us so we can be better prepared to make the right choices right now. It's also about exploring ways to get into action right now, for example with the DIY AI initiative.

Sander Veenhof