Be Your Own Robot

A hands-on peek into the future

Our future is uncertain, but what's certain is that the influence of technology on our life will increase. Wearables and AR glasses will keep us connected to the cloud, monitoring and predicting our behaviour and needs. Augmented Reality glasses or contact lenses will guide us through the day with suggestions or instructions. How will the software of these devices affect what we do? And what will be our role, being robot-like creatures? For which tasks can we choose to thrust an app, script or algorithms in the cloud? Do we have the freedom to choose, or are we limited by the software chosen for us by the vendor of our hardware? What configurations options exist within the software?

The "Be Your Own Robot" web-app uses a format of fictional apps to let you experience these dilemma's in a hands-on way. The main character in the narrative is you, positioned in an imaginary future that is already happening. Content taken from articles, books or series will be transformend into messages, warnings, questions or new app recommendations that will reach you through notifications witin this web-app.
Open this page on a mobile device to experience the "Be Your Own Robot" web-app.