We're enhancing our body and our human behaviour with a wide range of devices. Each device has its own domain of apps and application. The "Be Your Own Robot" research is focussed on those apps that will have an impact on us as humans or on the relation between human and their environment. Even though the context is not fully operational yet, and we aren't real cyborgs yet, it's the right time to preemptively exlore the apps we'll be using in 10 years time.

CATEGORY: daily life

Patent Alert

To provide insight into the connection between your own daily life and the abstract world of bussiness patents, this visualisation tool let's your experience what it would really be like to live in the amazing future depicted by all the poetic patent writings and sketches. The "Patent Alert" Hololens app brings to life the scenario in which our behaviour is script-controlled and patentable. Based on our activity and the objects in your surrounding it queries a database for applicable patents to warn your on time when we're about to do something that we're not allowed to do - depending on whether we're being guided by Cortana, or Siri or Google.
CATEGORY: cyborg


Experience the nostalgic feeling of being in control over your own life. Define the rules that define you.
CATEGORY: configuration

IRL practice

Life you life in practice mode. Requirements: this app only works properly in a 'BeYourOwnRobot enhanced' environment.
CATEGORY: enhanced behaviour

Negotiate bot

Specify your preferences using the Thomas Kilman model, and outsource any negotiation to this app.
CATEGORY: monitoring

Time well spent

Based on the ideas of the Center for Humane Technology this app helps you to balance your semi-digital self.

CATEGORY: city life

Uber Uber

Coming soon