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Upgrade yourself with AR glasses

This presentation was composed for innovation and development track of the 2nd NSvirtual conference in Novi Sad, Serbia. In the talk I focused on the reasons why we're not wearing AR glasses yet. With a hands-on perspective I addressed some of the current problems, how these can be avoided or what the industry will do to solve them. Assuming that Apple will indeed launch their AR wearable in 2020, these devices are going to appear in the world around us, so it's time to get familiar with the possibilities and impossibilities and foremostly, explore how AR glasses will influence our life, and what to do to remain in control.

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If THIS then I

In this TEDx talk Sander Veenhof discussed the implications of wearable technology and social media on humanity, and the new challenges facing the world.

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Time to split up Facebook?

For decades we've been told that we will all be wearing augmented reality glasses in the near future. With announcements by the big tech companies including Facebook about their augmented reality plans, that future might indeed happen soon. It will cause Mark Zuckerberg to even further control our perspective on the world.

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Be Your Own Robot - launch

With technology becoming part of us, one wonders to what extent we can outsource our (inter)actions. What makes us human? Our behaviour? Our extended and enhanced body? How is humanity changing under the growing influence of hi-tech? Computer scientist and fiction developer Sander Veenhof is sketching a future scenario in which we do not have to run away from the tech-oriented future, but we can't sit still neither.

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